What people are saying:

This is the most amazing thing I have ever seen, my son can't wait to go to bed. Thank you so much.

Its incredible and you just don't see it during the day. StarMakerFx and the team really worked hard on this project for us. Thank you so much

I asked for the STARS and I got the HEAVENS as well. Amazing company.

Thank you so much for Jack's room we were over the moon when we found out you were doing his room. He loves it so much.

Please feel free to use our Video as testimonial to the AMAZING work you do. We can not thank you enough.

I can not believe you did this for our son, and only asked for a cup of coffee. You are truely a gift. God bless you all.

To be recognized by your piers for what you do and bring to the community is above words.  My husband and I were nominated for " Innovative" and " Charitable" Business Awards in 2009 and presented finalists. I just want to personally thank all the wonderful people who have allowed me in to their lives so I could create something MAGICAL for them, to watch night after night. May it always give them their little piece of HEAVEN.