We have been asked this question so many times in the past "What is a Cosmic Star Ceiling?". It is hard to explain but in basic terms it's a Glow in the Dark ceiling mural illusion.

Why an illusion? Because during the day it's virtually invisible but at night a Cosmic Star Ceiling becomes alive and Glows for hours in the Dark emitting a soft ambient light.

How can we create such an illusion? It's simple we manufacture a specialist paint that is Non Toxic, Environmentally safe, Odourless and virtually invisible in daylight furthermore, by using special techniques we can paint on to just about any surface. Walls, Ceilings even Fabrics and Floors.

Why Cosmic? Because we create Stars, Milky ways, Galaxies even Nebulas, Gas Clouds and Comets. But the illusion does not stop there, over the years we have developed a way of making the  murals appear to move. Stars giving the illusion of "twinkling". Comets that burn up in space and we can even make Gas clouds and nebulas transform themselves.

How do we achieve this? Were we to tell you how this is done, it would not be Amazing or Magical.

How does it make you feel?  Well being totally immersed in a Cosmic Star Ceiling is an experience in itself it tends to calm and relax you, allowing your imagination to wander in deep space images of the cosmos, feeling yourself wafting on a mystical journey as you relax and chill.  Having experienced it,  would you rather be staring at a plain blank ceiling ?  I know which I would choose !!!

Although a Star Ceiling is about the stars, imagine adding images things your child likes and is interested in such as horses, fairies or even Spaceships the list is endless.
When designing a recreational area in your home you tend to think of the walls and the floor but have you ever thought of using your ceiling? You can easily convert a lively playroom in the daytime to a place of peace calm and serenity in the evening where both adults and children can unwind and even sleep. All this can be achieved with one of our Sensory relaxing ceilings.

The paint we use is special , it gives off an ambient light, not the bright lights of LED's or Fibre Optics but a more mellow, soothing and relaxing glow. But the best thing about the whole StarMakerFx Cosmic Star Ceiling Mural is that you do not notice it during the day so it does not detract from your original decor.

What people are saying:

This is the most amazing thing I have ever seen, my son can't wait to go to bed. Thank you so much.

Its incredible and you just don't see it during the day. StarMakerFx and the team really worked hard on this project for us. Thank you so much

I asked for the STARS and I got the HEAVENS as well. Amazing company.

Thank you so much for Jack's room we were over the moon when we found out you were doing his room. He loves it so much.

Please feel free to use our Video as testimonial to the AMAZING work you do. We can not thank you enough.

I can not believe you did this for our son, and only asked for a cup of coffee. You are truely a gift. God bless you all.
StarMakerFx Mural Design

We do not just work in Glow in the Dark "invisible" Paints we also create some amazing wall murals and children's room decor, Not forgetting Adult Dens and Cinema Rooms.
Maria xx
All the images you see here are created using specialist techniques which under normal lighting conditions are virtually invisible. The paints we use are specially manufactured for this task and cannot be purchased through retail outlets.  To create a Cosmic Star Ceiling can take anything from a day to two weeks depending on your requirements … the ceilings are tailor made to suit your very own style and ideas.  After a detailed conference we can then assess the length of time needed  to achieve what you have requested… you see, no two ceilings are ever alike as every cloud, every star and every dot is most lovingly and painstakingly hand painted.

How many times have you looked up at the stars wanting to make a wish or wishing you could reach out and touch them. How often have your children seen the stars? I know mine didn't see real stars until they were old enough to stay up late, and even then due to the fog, smog or city lights saw only a handful. Now imagine them being able to sleep under the stars EVERY NIGHT or even reaching up and touching them. Wow how many children can say "I touched a star"…. Or “I was touched by one”.

This is about MAGIC, about creating the impossible and being able to give Everyone a little piece of HEAVEN. A picture paints a thousand words, yet to see the smile and joy on the special children I have worked with over the years is priceless. As a ProFx Artist I have been blessed with a talent and the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people

The other half to StarMakerFx Cosmic Ceilings is Fantasy Murals..We are able to paint Murals on walls and ceilings similar to the ones shown below that are visible during the day, we can even make them so that they become visible in the dark too, what more we can make them invisible during the day or night and only visible under certain light. These we call my Magic Murals., great for room changing environments where you want a modern feel to your room but when ever you turn on this special lighting either Day or Night the room transforms in to something different." Magic Murals" they really are MAGICAL.
Below are just some of the murals we have painted over the years, as you can see most of these are children orientated, however I have and do create more mature murals and themed rooms. Click on any image.
Being able to offer a variety of designs from Cosmic Star Ceilings to invisible wall decor and murals, makes StarMakerFx and ProFx Artists your first choice for Fun, Fantasy and Sensory.