StarMakerFx Mural Design

We do not just work in Glow in the Dark "invisible" Paints we also create some amazing wall murals and children's room decor, Not forgetting Adult Dens and Cinema Rooms.
For us to do what we do best we are always looking for Companies and Individuals to help by sponsoring a ceiling for a Deserving Person. It could be someone you know are maybe sponsoring ceilings for people within your community. A Cosmic Star Ceiling lasts for years, it helps both individuals and families and is something that will always be remembered as a gift of generosity. These ceilings are not just for "bedtime", they are also used for quiet rooms, chill out spaces, were people can go to RELAX and UNWIND during the day if they need too.
Just being able to spend a little quality time, helps everyone.

With so many families and deserving people in the world, wouldn't it be great if we could just help them even just a little. This is what we are about and trying to do. We currently use funding sources from Glomania to help support deserving children. They help by donating a percentage towards the cost of implementing and producing some of these amazing illusions. As you can imagine they cannot support everyone.

How can you get involved?

Maybe you are a large group or chain and would like to offer 12 deserving people 1 child a month with a Cosmic Star Ceiling or Wall Mural, we would love to work with local business's, or a religious organization and would like to sponsor a ceiling for a local community member.
Using the "Sponsor a Ceiling" link on our contact page is the first step.

We would immediately get back to you to discuss how this can be done.

We have worked with MANY Charity Organization's, Hospice's, Hospitals, Care Homes and Individuals, please feel feed to contact us and make us aware of what we can do to help.

You may know someone who knows someone who may be interested in getting involved with StarMakerFx and ProFx Artists, please pass on our details to them.

You may be already within a trade painting and decorating properties and would like to get involved , we could train you ( through our franchise network of ProFx Artists) to do what we do so you can produce these Star Ceiling for children and adults within your state. Our goal is to create a network of Artists to do this, people who are prepared to donate their TIME in helping. This is an amazing product with some amazing results.

Sponsor A Cosmic Star Ceiling for Deserving Children

Please check the following link in our contact us page.
Everyone deserves a little piece of HEAVEN
Maria xx