A Cosmic Star Ceiling has a number of great benefits, as each hand painted piece of Art is unique, it can be tailored to your needs. Using specialist techniques and paint manufactured purely to create these amazing illusions on Ceilings and Walls, everything from constellations to deep space images can be applied.

Working on just about any surface from Popcorn ceilings, mudding or even Hanging Tile systems, we can create the impossible, a full color Daytime " Invisible" Mural, that will give you Peace, Calm and Serenity every night.. Our paints are manufactured to the highest standards and we have a range of 8 colors to make our Cosmic Star Ceilings a unique and original experience.

Each person that we work with is individual, their own ideas, wants and needs unique, and above all "special". Our aim is to give them something that will help them, their families and careers what we call  "Me " time. The chance to have a good nights sleep, knowing that when you turn out the lights at night a relaxing, soothing experience awaits. Living in 4 walls is hard but having to spend most of your time looking up at a blank ceiling must be fustrating to say the least. Our experience over the years of creating these amazing mural images of Cosmic Star Ceilings and walls for deserving individuals, has found that it DOES help in someway, either calming, relaxing or sleeping. We have created ceilings for a wide range of children from those on the Autism Spectrum, Down Syndrome to PMLD, Spinal and Cancer sufferers.
What people are saying:

This is the most amazing thing I have ever seen, my son can't wait to go to bed. Thank you so much.

Its incredible and you just don't see it during the day. StarMakerFx and the team really worked hard on this project for us. Thank you so much

I asked for the STARS and I got the HEAVENS as well. Amazing company.

Thank you so much for Jack's room we were over the moon when we found out you were doing his room. He loves it so much.

Please feel free to use our Video as testimonial to the AMAZING work you do. We can not thank you enough.

I can not believe you did this for our son, and only asked for a cup of coffee. You are truely a gift. God bless you all.
StarMakerFx Mural Design

We do not just work in Glow in the Dark "invisible" Paints we also create some amazing wall murals and children's room decor, Not forgetting Adult Dens and Cinema Rooms.
It is difficult for people to truly understand what I create, so people I have worked for will speak for me in their videos. Most of the ceilings I create are donated to my deserving customers, people and children who I believe need a "little piece of Heaven" for themselves.

I have also created ceilings in commercial centers, massage therapy rooms, Home Theaters  and even a Small Cinema Screen Room. I have been commissioned to work all over the world and won numerous awards for the work I do.

The creation of a Cosmic Star ceiling I believe IS an actual benefit to children and Adults alike, a relaxing and soothing experience that I personally have found HELPS.   
                                                    I am the StarMaker.
Maria xx

It is hard to express the TRUE benefit that our Cosmic Star Ceilings give, but from the feedback of Parents, Family Members, Careers and even Hospital Staff we understand a little better.

It is often very hard to do what you think is right for your child, and also very tiring. We have found that parents with special children have all said to us, its hard at night, whether their child sleeps with them in their room, is up through the night or always calling out for their parents. A Cosmic Star Ceiling will NOT take it all away, it is not a magic cure, but what it can do is HELP. What we mean by this can be sumed up very easily, just giving you that EXTRA hour or even 1 good night's sleep HELPS.

Gareth Jones, he is a 16 year old child that lives in his chair, constantly cared for and as Bright as a Button. We had just finished a 5 day Cosmic Star Ceiling and Mural in his bedroom and we were coming back the following morning to finish a large playroom mural for him. His mother came running out to greet us. She said that Gareth had gone to bed as usual and under normal circumstances would call her 5 - 6 times in the night, but last night she HAD to go to in to his room to make sure he was OK ( He had NOT called her once in the night). She found him fast asleep and snoring.

Michael suffers with Down Syndrome and for the last 8 years since birth has always slept in their parents bed. This is not uncommon, however when we had finished his room we asked him to close his eyes and count to 3. We turned off the lights and when he opened them he was amazed at all the stars planets  and spaceships we had installed earlier that day. Later that evening his Father came home and Michael took his dads hand in to his bedroom and asked him to do the same as we had done to Michael earlier. That night and ever since Michael has given his parents ME time and slept in his own room under his very own stars.
It doesn't have to be just stars, we can add as much fantasy as they like, Bart Simpson skating the milky way or Angels sprinkling fairy dust over the room. Some like horses some just want a special star to remind them of a special person in their lives. We also create Murals that are Daytime Visible or ONLY show under Black Light conditions We can create just about any theme from Starwars, Bat Man to Mario or Madacascar

The effect is the same. How does this work and why? To be honest I do not know, however I believe that just sleeping under a star lit sky is relaxing, your eyes want to focus on a single star and everything else around you starts to disappear. Your troubles during the day, stress, anxiety, all those things that surround your daily life start to fade away like the stars over a period of time, making you MORE RELAXED, TIRED and wanting to SLEEP.

We decorate our walls, adorn them with shelves, ornaments and pictures, yet when the lights are off everything around us becomes BLACK. With a cosmic Star Ceiling or Mural the opposite applies, during the day its virtually invisible, yet in the DARK it comers to life and GLOWS

Please place your mouse over the images to see them in a Black light or Darkened environment.